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Reproduced from Jales Proceedings, pp. Phillips, University of New Mexico Los Alamos National Laboratory Abstract The purpose for the study was to fill the educational and adult development research voids in studies of ethnic and gender populations. The 47 Hispanic women interviewed revealed similarities with regard to family and relationships, cultural concerns, work-related issues, and personal development.

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Looking for hispanic males

One subject reported having a male mentor and that the relationship was prematurely ended due to rumours of an affair. This research is maless attempt to satisfy that void by capturing in the words of these women the issues that shaped their present lives, central themes in their lives now, and their view of the future.

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Just ridiculous things like that. Tina, a counsellor, 45, mother of a 16 year old girl and 15 year old twin boys described her cross-cultural marriage: I think that at the time that I married, I was conscious that I was giving up something.

Looking for hispanic males

I help them, sometimes they call me or I help my nephews and nieces and when there is a funeral or something really wild, I'll just get hispannic the plane and go back. They made it very clear my father-in-law made it very clear that Mark married beneath him. Rosa described her mother's situation: My mother, on the surface, admits she gives in to my father but underneath, she just goes out there and does it her own way. Gloria, 48 year old training co-ordinator.

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It's really funny because when we married, my father-in-law does not like foreigners, black people and all of that, and he told Mark even when we were engaged, he made it very clear to Mark that he could set him up to marry well. Sanchez and Cruz3 state: For those Hispanics who find themselves living in the traditional mode but beginning to ask questions about untried personal and familial alternatives, the situation is complicated by obligations and responsibilities to others, such as children.

My sense of loving really depends on having a family network and I gave that up.

Looking for hispanic males

I don't doubt that Mark really loved me but he also had the added bonus that he could sneer at his father, I'm going to marry somebody who is poor and somebody who - you know. But for a few, the church was a source of conflict. Gloria said, 'Kind of like out of those humblest of roots could come somebody who is really going to move this world and I feel that's real special and that it's no accident because I can be a model for other women, for other Hispanics, to let them see that this is who you are.

Her ethnic background and gender have created diverse expectations for herself, her family, the community and organisations that she interacts with on a daily basis. My oldest brother was extremely catered to as.

Looking for hispanic males

Yet despite this, 'The burden on me wasn't so heavy as the one placed on my older brother'. I felt invincible.

The Catholic schools gave Conchita and her classmates a much needed push to go to college. Part of the background of Spanish colonialism emphasised homemaking, childbearing, and the child rearing role of women; the bulk of these Hispanic wives, if employed, are amles in sales, administrative, and technical support.

This is who you can be'.

They understand that I stepped out of the culture. That hhispanic a part of their culture that many of them never experienced. And his attitude was typically Hispanic.

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Endnotes Alcalay, R. This age and sex cohort was chosen because its members were raised with traditional and basic values concerning religion, the family, and the home; and it corresponds with the 'mid-life' deation in adult education literature.

Looking for hispanic males

However, all of them indicated that this experience made them stronger and better able to cope. As she visualised the future she also expressed a wish 'to develop as an individual - to be a good person This same loo,ing said she did a disservice to her sons not teaching them Spanish because it would have helped them in their work.

The outcome of this evaluation is a greater self-awareness of what they want and will do with the rest of their lives. Most of our subjects viewed their mothers as very strong women who were forced to submit to cultural norms. Sanchez, R.

The hispanic–white wage gap has remained wide and relatively steady: examining hispanic–white gaps in wages, unemployment, labor force participation, and education by gender, immigrant status, and other subpopulations | economic policy institute

It's very special and that feels good Sheila, 43, unmarried, state employee Rosa, a 37 year old mother of a ten month old child said, 'Almost all of the father's eggs are set in the first son, 'hermano major' And my mother pushed it. I would say that the student body didn't think about going to college, but the Sisters did.

Carol, a recent rape victim was angry with God for allowing the attack to happen, yet she turned to the Church for solace and comfort. Educational research needs to focus on specific populations and adult development research is lacking in studies of ethnic and gender populations. I look like my mother. Questions for the study focused on 1 critical events, 2 areas of conflict, 3 future hopes and dreams, and 4 orientation to life with the respect self, relationships, and work.

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I became a little detached from my family here and there except by phone. Martha described her daughter's experience, 'There's hipanic discrimination Questions that emerged were: 1 How do the concerns of this group of Hispanic women at mid-life compare with other groups of women at mid-life? But I did suffer a few embarrassing moments in public, in the family setting.

Looking for hispanic males

It's no accident My problems are foreign hispanci her'. For the most part the women in this study mourned the loss of the Spanish language in their generation. Demographic information such as marital status, present employment, income, education, and parental status were also collected to ensure a representative sample. He didn't want to be embarrassed thinking his wife had to go to work.