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in or register. You can type text here, but this facility requires a free OU. Programmes that promote abstinence-only have been found to be ineffective, not only in delaying when young people start having sex, but also in reducing the frequency of sex foor reducing the of sexual partners.

In particular, you learnt what sexual pleasure is and how to define it and you came up with your own definition about sexual pleasure. Figure 1.

They are considered as responsible, caring and mature persons. Knowledge can also protect us against abuse.

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Vor we take a sex-positive approach with young people we need to think more about what we are saying and give clearer answers. There are a lot of ways to have sex.

Risk-based message Corresponding positive message If we speak too much and too early about sex with young people, we run the risk of encouraging them to have sex. Programmes that combine a focus on delaying sexual activity with content about contraceptive use are more effective Kirby, ; Underhill et al.

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Words: 0 Interactive feature not available in single view see it in standard view. A positive approach recognises that condom use is about what happens when two or more people meet. Learning Sessions 4 to 6 are packed full of ideas and ffun you can use to positively teach the practical elements of pleasurable sexual activity in your classes.

Looking for some fun pleasure

Experiences can include being in love with an idol or secretly with a class mate, fantasising about a person and the sexual acts you might like to do with them, and exploring your body with a friend, or even being sexually active with someone. Interactive feature not available in single view see it in standard view.

Some young people choose to abstain from sexual contact with other people. Further thoughts Do abstinence-only programmes work?

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But this is only the beginning of your journey. Everyone can decide about their own actions. But they need knowledge and support. There are other ways to have sex which are safer than intercourse: touching, masturbating, kissing, oooking bodies against each other, sucking, licking, etc. Active content not displayed.

Looking for some fun pleasure

This could be something about the messages you give, the way you treat young people, or how you behave with them. Activity 1.

Looking for some fun pleasure

You also learnt about the differences between risk-based and positive approaches. Puberty starts between 10 and 13 years old for most children some earlier. A lookin approach sees young people as competent and capable persons. Many people enjoy these as much as or more than penetrative intercourse.

A positive approach would talk about the risks of STIs and pregnancy, but would include why condoms are needed to prevent these. Discussion This is how we completed our table - yours might look different to this. Complete the table by writing corresponding positive messages in the right-hand column.

Looking for some fun pleasure

Generally, the attitude to people who use condoms or ask their partner to use them is positive. Some are safer than others.